Madhuboni Silk Blue


This sari depicts the famous Mithali art form, highlighting the scenes from old stories. Madhubani saris come in different colors and soft shades. The elegant art includes designs and patterns of trees, birds, and flowers. The color on this sari is really attractive and you will love the way in which borders are designed.

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Madhubani Silk Sari
These saris depict the famous Mithila art form. The art is done by professionals with fingers, brushes, nib pens and matchsticks, highlighting the scenes from old stories. This themes are printed on pallus which are crafted in Bengal or Mulberry silk. Perfect etchings, sharp finishes add to the remarkable craftsmanship creating a beautiful piece of sari. Further, the eye catching geometrical patterns gives them a stunning look. The different painting styles on the sari has received worldwide attention to Madhubani silk saris.


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