Linen Silk Yellow


Simplicity and Comfort are the two words, enough to describe this sari. Although simple it doesn’t compromise its beautiful look and exceptional quality. The saris come in shaded, printed and embroidered lines. The comfort it provides makes it everyday wear and the quality is sure to impress any sari lover.

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Linen Silk Sari
Linen, silk sari fabric is known as ‘the fabric for all seasons’ and also is one of the oldest fabric dating back to thousands of years ago. The fabrics keeps, free circulation of air, making these saris every season wear. Linen clothes are perfect for those looking for a minimalistic look. The extremely versatile ethnic looks also give you tons of options to choose from. It takes a lot of labor work to handcraft these saris. The natural sheen and textured look add to their unique style undoubtedly.


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