Assam Silk Black


Assam Silk saris are crafted to last lifelong, hence the saying goes as an ‘Assam silk sari very often outlives its owner.’ The sari has natural yellowish color while and the pallu is crafted in alluring, dotted patterns. The simple display of sari with pallu can be sported by young as well as mature women.1

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Assam Silk Sari
These beautiful saris come from the silk heaven of India, Sualkuchi, Assam. The silk comes from muga silkworms and is known as ‘golden fibre’ which is only produced in Assam. The silkworms are so sensitive that they can’t tolerate even minimum pollution levels, making this silk a bit costly. A natural yellowish color is waved in combination of different embroidery and zari work, giving it a unique style. The feature which makes these saris stands out is, its lifetime. The sari is so durable that it often outlives its owner. The natural golden, yellowish color of the sari shines better after every wash, giving it a unique appeal.


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