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A saree or sari is a feminine garment from the Indian subcontinent. Very many states of India have had it as traditional attire since age old times, though the way of wearing differs slightly from region to region.
Wearing a sari is an ART. Draping a perfect sari is surely not easy like slipping into a pair of jeans, but it’s a streamlined process to make sure you look your ethnic best. Our step by step guide will not only help you to wear a perfect look, but also make you master in draping a sari.

1. Arrange accessories -
Before you start to wear a sari make sure you have all accessories arranged. The accessories include safety pins, inner skirt or petticoat, a sari blouse and of course a beautiful sari. This goes with some extra accessories such as bangles, bracelets, hair decorative accessories and maybe a pair of unique shoes to match the sari.

2. Fitting the Petticoat -
First, start by wearing your petticoat and make sure it is tied firmly to your body. Further, start draping sari by tucking the upper end of the a sari into the petticoat making sure the design or embroidery work on the sari is facing out. While doing this, also make sure that the lower end of the sari remains above the floor, resulting in the whole length of the sari to remain on one side.

3. Working on Pleats -
Start making pleats from the extra fabric of the sari. You can do pleats by using thumbs and forefingers, making about 6 to 8 pleats of 4 to 5 inches wide. Ensure, to make pleats without disturbing the tucked part of the sari and most importantly observing that the pleats are even and straight along the floor.

4. Drape it to Perfect -
Drape the remaining fabric of the sari around yourself from right to left. The fabric after one round, around yourself should appear in front of you. When, it comes front of you, get hold of the decorative pallu and again pleat the edges of the pallu.

5. Fasten the Pallu -
Raise the remaining portion of the sari which forms the pallu from back, bring it under your right arm and place it over your left shoulder. Let, the end of sari falls to or below your knees. Tighten the pallu with a safety pin to ensure it doesn’t fall.

6. Add accessories -
No costume is perfect without a beautiful look. With the help of hair and make up accessories you can add more colors to your look. Make sure they go right in match with your sari. Also wearing a unique styled shoes can make you stand out from the others.

The Indian sari is a rectangular piece of clothing that varies in length from five to nine yards and a breadth of two to four feet.
There are more than 80 recorded ways to wear a sari. The most common style is for the sari to be wrapped around the waist, with the loose end of the drape to be worn over the shoulder, baring the midriff. However, the sari can be draped in several different styles, though some styles do require a sari of a particular length or form.
The sari, as mentioned above, can be draped in a lot of ways. However the nivi style, that is supposed to have originated in Andhra Pradesh, is the most popular of all, and a large majority prefer to wear the sari in this style.
Besides the Nivi style of draping, other commonly known styles are: Bengali or Odia, Gujarati, Rajasthani or Pakistani, Nepali, - Maharashtrian/Konkani/Kashta, Madisar, Kodagu, Gobbe Seere, Assamese, Manipuri, Khasi, Malayali style, Tribal styles, Kunbi style or denthli
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